New Payment Option

You can now make payments to the club - for annual assessment, party fees etc. via PayPal.

Just use this Pay the Club via PayPal link

Member Communication

Here you will find various functions mainly of interest for members.

To the left you will find links to current communication from the Board and some Member-Only functions that require you to login.

To login you simply use your membership number and your password.
The membership number is the same as you use whenever you sign in at the club.

Once logged in, you will be able to

  • Request a Party
  • Check out the contents of the Club Library, where we have
    • the club rule documents: bylaws, club rules, party rules
    • various signup and application forms
    • all the newsletters - starting from 2004
    • all minutes of meeting from board meetings

You can also follow the Club's doing at Facebook, just join our aptly named Mission Valley Swim Club group. So just stop by, drop a "Like", make a comment, upload some photos or whatever you do on Facebook.