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Here you will find news items published by the board, it's a chronological list of news items ("blogstyle") and will include items such posting of Newsletters and other News Items updates between semi-annual newsletters.

April 14, 2017 - Email to Members from Rene Stillwell - secretary

 Party Reservation System and Website

You can book your party reservations now at this site. We decided to delay launching a new website and reservation system until next season.

Please note there are a few updates to the party rules. Parties are limited to 4 hours. Party windows include a built in 15-minute clean up time so that the party area is ready for the next event. Please plan on your party lasting 3 hours and 45 minutes long with time to clean up. Parties that exceed a 4-hour window will incur a penalty of $100 per hour. The primary reason for the stiff penalty is safety. When we have members delay a party past the 4-hour window, there is a potential for too many people at the pool for the amount of lifeguards on duty. Weekends are by far the most popular time to book a party. In order to accommodate additional member requests, we’ve limited party reservations to either a 1pm start time or a 5pm start time on Saturday and Sunday. Parties may be reserved at any hour that the pool is open on Monday thru Friday, again limited to 4 hours. You may view the full Party Rules on our website.

April 12, 2017 - The Spring Newsletter Posted  

 Newsletter Avaiable

The Spring 2017 Newsletter was posted in the the Library.

September 15, 2016 - The Fall Newsletter Posted  

 Newsletter Avaiable

The Fall 2016 Newsletter was posted in the the Library.

March 12, 2016 - The Spring Newsletter Posted  

 Newsletter Avaiable

The Spring 2016 Newsletter was posted in the the Library, along with the other newsletters going back to 2004.

February 28, 2016 - Email to Members from Natalie Iqbal, Lifeguard Director  

 Lifeguards Wanted

Mission Valley Swim Club is now accepting applications for lifeguards for our 2016 summer season. This is a great summer job opportunity for those who are 15 1/2 years old and older.

Qualified candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • be CPR / Lifeguard Certified
  • be able to work a flexible schedule

American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Courses are available through the American Safety Academy and Happy Fish Swim School. There are various class dates throughout March & April.

Follow these links to find out more about their training programs:


If you are interested in this exciting summer job opportunity, please fill out an application and e-mail it to Natalie Iqbal at The job application form can be accessed from the home page of the MVSC site by clicking on the Summer Jobs link.

Thank you!

Natalie Iqbal
MVSC Lifeguard Director

April 20, 2015 - Email to Members from JoAnna Diaz Yoshioka, Secretary 


Just a reminder Saturday, May 2nd, is our Spring Cleanup from 8:30am - 11:00am.
Come join your fellow members and get our Club ready for the season.  Coffee and Breakfast goodies!

What to bring:
o   rakes, hedge trimmer, broom, gloves, 6 foot step ladder
o   anything else you may need to open up for the 2015 Summer
o   friendship and smiles

We will have 4 NEW BBQs, new Ping-Pong tables, new umbrellas and more...

Once the Cleanup is over, the pool will be officially open from 1pm - 8pm.  
Please Note: the required two hours of participation in either the Fall or Spring Cleanup waives your $50 annual fee.

California has ordered Mandatory Water Rationing.

MVSC is cutting back on water services including a decreased lawn-watering schedule and discontinuing use of the showers for the swim team. Furthermore, we are requesting your help in enforcing our “short showers only” rule for your families and guests. Until further notice, all showers must follow a policy of lasting under five (5) minutes.


We are so pleased to welcome the following new members to the Club:  
Kai Lun Hsiung and Selina Yuen, Lillian and Sun Koo Kim,  Julie and Alan Lessa, Sunita and Anurag Sharma, and Eddie and Shannon Tostado families.

Members are one of our best marketing resources.
For all member referrals that lead to memberships purchased from the club, we are offering your choice of $50 off next year’s assessment or a $75 party credit for this season.  
Please have interested families contact Jane Conn at or 510 378-4874.

April 27, 2014 - Email to Members from Lorraine Neira, Secretary 


Just a reminder--this coming Saturday, May 3rd, is our Spring Cleanup from 8:30am - 12:30pm. Come join your fellow members and get our Club ready for the season.  Please note: the required two hours of participation in either the Fall or Spring Cleanup waives your $50 annual fee. Come and help the Club!

Once the Cleanup is through, the pool will be officially open from 1pm - 8pm. Check out some of the Club improvements like the freshly painted pool deck.  Refer to the MVSC site for the entire season's Pool Hours or simply print out our Spring Newsletter, sent to you via email mid-March, and available in the Club Library.


We are so pleased to welcome the following new members to the Club:  Cheung/Li,  Hawkes/Briggs-Hawkes, Strom, and Tsaur/Knew families.

Members are one of our best marketing resources. For all member referrals that lead to memberships purchased from the club, we are offering your choice of $50 off next year’s assessment or a $75 party credit for this season.  Last season, almost 1/2 of the families joining the club were membership referrals. Please have interested families contact Jane Conn at or 510 378-4874.


We are still looking for lifeguards for the season. Qualified candidates must be CPR/Lifeguard Certified and be able to work a flexible schedule including weekends.  Job applications can be found on the MVSC site.

 Water Conservation at MVSC

In an effort to conserve water during one of California's worst drought and in anticipation of water bill increases, we are making water-use adjustments at the Club this summer.

MVSC is cutting back on water services including a decreased lawn-watering schedule and discontinuing use of the showers for the swim team. Furthermore, we are requesting your help in enforcing our “short showers only” rule for your families and guests. Until further notice, all showers must follow a policy of lasting under five (5) minutes. The on-duty lifeguards will monitor the shower activity, but please assist in looking after your own, as the responsibility of conservation belongs to all of us.

Looking forward to an enjoyable summer season at the Mission Valley Swim Club!

March 16, 2014 - Spring 2014 Club Newsletter (Full PDF in the Club Library)


What a mild winter we have had so far. I hope we get some more rain before Summer. See the changes we are making as a result of the drought in Jacques Rachal’s Grounds & Maintenance section of the newsletter.

With all of our cost cutting measures last year and the repayment from the theft, our Finances are in good but not great shape. We are returning to more normal hours and activities this year without raising fees. However, we need a more aggressive savings plan for future capital projects, therefore we are projecting fee increases in 2015. See Jeff Martin’s Treasurer’s section of the newsletter for the details.

As we mentioned in the fall, Angelica Nathan did a GREAT job selling memberships which directly impacted income last year as well as going forward with our larger member base we have greater income too. We are keeping membership pricing flat until we can finish working our way through the backlog of members wishing to sell and the 13 memberships that have been turned in and are herefore owned by the club. See the details in the Membership section of the newsletter.

With our return to normal financial operations, we are again able to offer modest Club hosted Social Events. We are in the process of adding a Board Member position to organize the Social Events. Some of the events will be offered at no cost to the members and some at a small cost to help offset the total cost. However, in order to offer a robust list of Social Events, we need Members to volunteers to run the events. Movie Nights and Coin Tosses will continue to be staffed by paid Lifeguards, but any other Social Events that we offer will need to be staffed by the Members or we will not offer them. We have not yet finalized our list of Social Events for 2014. If you have ideas for Events or are willing to help staff them, please send an email to:

Further good news as a result of our financial situation is that we will be restoring our weekday operations in the first half of June, we will be open Mon-Thur 4-7pm as in prior years (plus Fri 4-8, Sat 1-8, & Sun 1-7 like we were last year). Also, in a survey we did 2 years ago, members requested that we open earlier than 1:00. Before the theft, we had planned to try out opening earlier on Fridays and Sundays. We suspended that idea after the theft. With the return to normal, we are offering on a trial basis this year opening at 11:00 am on Fridays and Sundays in the summer when school is out.

Finally, after serving on the Board for 12 years and 9 of those as President, I am stepping down at the end of this season. If you are interested in serving as President or nominating someone else, let me know. For the benefit of the Club, it would be best if the new President can be identified now and work with me this year to learn the job.


The MVSC will start the 2014 fiscal year in a significantly healthier financial position than we entered 2013 when we started the season with $6,000 in the bank and unpaid liabilities of approximately $25,000. Our cash balance at the end of January 2014 was $69,000, which will be reduced by approximately $20,000 by the start of the fiscal year on April 1, 2014 after we reimburse the special assessments and pay expected expenses.
This picture looks much better than it did a year ago because of the settlement of the embezzlement case ($30,000) and income that was much better than predicted through: much better sales of memberships than expected; a larger number of leases than expected; better than projected party revenue; and increased contributions from the Barracudas swim team.

This coming year, our lifeguard payroll will increase commensurate with a return to increased operating hours and salary increases (none were given last year). In addition, we expect significantly higher water bills due to the current drought situation. Hopefully, the higher than anticipated maintenance expenses that plagued us last year do not return. There has been no change to the fees for the 2014 season, but we should be looking ahead to capital expenses related to the pool and deck in the years ahead by building up reserves. This is an area the board will study during this season as we anticipate an increase may be necessary next year.

The ongoing tax audit has made us particularly sensitive to the portion of our income which does not come directly from member activities. The IRS limits income from non-member activities, such as leases and swim lessons, to 15% of our total income. Compliance with this requirement may impact the number of leases we can offer and how we manage swim lessons.

Last fall, when the embezzlement case was settled, Steve notified the membership that the special assessment would be returned as a reduction in the annual assessment.  If there are questions, I can be reached at

 GROUNDS & MAINTENANCE by Jacques Rachal

In an effort to conserve water during one of California’s worst droughts, we are modifying our landscape watering system and limiting showers. MVSC is asking its members to follow the “QUICK SHOWERS ONLY” rule.

The LIFEGUARDS will enforce this policy which simply consists of a quick wash and rinse. Any swimmer standing under the showers for too long will be reminded of this rule. We appreciate your attention to this matter.

 PARTIES by Christina Flores

The Club is the perfect place to hold your summer events. So that parties can be enjoyable for all, we have a few reminders:

Parties are offered as a benefit to owners, therefore, the member must be the exclusive point of contact for booking and must be present during the party. MVSC does not rent the club out to nonmembers, nor will we accept nonmember payment for party reservations.

There are four party areas available so that members can enjoy hosting their friends.While hosting parties, please be considerate and share the BBQs. We do not have daily custodians at the club. Just like at home, you are responsible for emptying the garbage and cleaning any space you have used. The guards are happy to show you where to find garbage bags and cleaning supplies.

Booking parties has been made easy through our website tool. While visiting the MVSC website, please review the "Party Rules" under the "Club Library" tab to familiarize yourself with Party Reservation and Guest policies.  Please send suggestions for further improvements to

 LIFEGUARDS by Rosana McCuaig

We are looking for lifeguards for our 2014 Summer Season. If you know any one interested in working at the pool and is able to work a flexible schedule, please fill out an application and either e-mail Rosana McCuaig at or mail your completed application to:

    Rosana McCuaig
    183 Imperio Ave
    Fremont, CA 94539.

The job application form can be accessed from the home page of the MVSC site by clicking on the Summer Jobs link.
Qualified candidates must be CPR/Lifeguard Certified and be able to work a flexible schedule. If you are looking on where to get certified, you can check Happy Fish Swim.

 MEMBERSHIP by Steve Conn for Angelica Nathan

This year, we have kept all our pricing the same as last year. In order to provide greater member service now that we are in better financial standing, we are modifying the order in which we sell and lease club owned vs. member-owned memberships. Below are our plans:

  •  Sell memberships at $999 ($899 early bird special through Memorial Day)
  •  Alternate between selling a member owned & club owned, starting with a member
  •  Transfer fee $50
  •  Commission for selling a member-owned membership $150
  •  Annual dues $425
  •  Annual leases $650
  •  Alternate between leasing a member owned & club owned, starting with a member
  •  Non-work clean-up fee $50


There is an urgent need to fill the position of Social Chair to organize the Club’s Social Events. In order for the Club to offer a rich program of Social Events for the members, we need one Member to step forward and volunteer to be “Social Chair”. This Member will work with the Board to establish a calendar of Social Events that the members wish to attend. They will have a modest budget for events and charge small fees for some events to offset the overall costs. They will rely on other members to provide staffing for most events. In return for their service, annual dues will be waived. If you are interested, contact Steve Conn,

We will finalize and release the much-awaited Social Calendar once this position is filled. At this point, we will have coin tosses on Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day and anticipate the continuation of fun, family movie nights.

November 11, 2013 - Email from President Steve Conn

Hello MVSC Members,

I hope you are settling in for a nice holiday weekend with family and friends.

We are a long way from opening day 2014 but I wanted to share a piece of good news. Last month our criminal court case against Lenora Garcia the former Treasurer was settled by Senior Deputy District Attorney Jeffrey Stark. None of the board was able to attend the court date, so our complete knowledge of the settlement is very limited. However, the good news is this week we got a check for $30,090.32 in the mail. This is a full re-payment for the amount we were able to document was stolen. As we mentioned in the past, if and when the club got paid back we would pay back the members. Now that we have the money, we can pay back the members. In order to avoid writing ~160 checks for $100 each, we will credit each of your accounts by $100 and therefore reduce your annual assessments next March by $100.

Thank you for your support through this horrible situation. We are thankful it is behind us and hopeful that the additional controls we have put in place will avoid it happening ever again.

August 25, 2013 - Fall 2013 Club Newsletter (Full PDF in the Club Library)


This year was filled with ups and downs. As a community I think we pulled together and came through the year stronger than we started. Membership, and therefore income, is up substantially, thanks to the tremendous efforts of Membership Director Angelica Nathan. Owned memberships have increased from 183 to 187 vs. a maximum allowed of 200. We have increased and stabilized the sale price to $999 ($899 Early Bird Special). Leases are at an all-time high of 14 vs. an average of 5. Finally, the backlog of members waiting to sell has been reduced from 13 to 5. We expect this trend to continue next year.

Our criminal court case against the former Treasurer is proceeding very slowly. The ADA continues to believe the best chance of us getting our money back is to give her more time to raise the money instead of sending the case to trial. We will continue to check with him on the status each month. Thanks to Member Steve Lave for attending the July court appearance and taking great minutes of the event. Beginning Wednesday, August 28, when FUSD classes resume, our Fall hours begin. We will be open Labor Day as well as Saturdays and Sundays through September 29.

After Hours Adult Swim was even more popular this year. It will continue until Fall Cleanup Day on Saturday, October 5. You must turn in your key on or before Saturday, October 5 to be eligible to participate next year.

 Keys & Fall Cleanup

Don’t forget the Fall Cleanup Sat., Oct. 5 8:30 - 11:00 am
If you participated in Adult Swim, please turn in your key


Please follow the link you received to vote online. It takes less than 1 minute!

TREASURER - Jeff Martin

I volunteered to fill the treasurer’s role at the beginning of the season, and am willing to fulfill the remainder of the term if elected. We have been members of the club for about 15 years. We have been active with the swim team for the past 10 years and now that our daughter is heading off to college, joining the board seemed like a good way to ensure we participated in club activities.

GROUNDS & Maintenance - Jacques Rachal

I have been on the Board for three years and would like to continue.

MEMBERSHIP - Angelica Nathan

I’ve had a great first year as the Membership Director! It has been a wonderful experience signing up new families and helping our club grow this year. I would love to continue to support our club in this role. Here’s to another great season at MVSC!




I have been a club member for 9 years. I have two daughters, a sophomore at Cal Lutheran University and a senior at Mission San Jose High School. I have been on the board for the past 3 years as Lifeguard Director. I have over 30 years of Human Resources experience. This year we had a great group of guards. I would enjoy continuing my role on the board.

June 14, 2013

Because our taxes were not filed on time, we were assessed a $2,180 penalty. However, we have good news: Jane Conn wrote a letter explaining our situation and the IRS has waived the penalty.

More than 20 new families have joined the Club this year, so please be friendly and welcome new faces you see at the Club. If you have friends that are interested in a membership, please have them contact Angelica Nathan at


Our next Movie Night is this Saturday, June 15. The movie will start around 8 pm. We will have snacks and beverages available and those in attendance will select the movie.


Arrr Mateys, are ye ready for the first MVSC Kids Club? It will be held Friday, June 21 from 6 pm - 8 pm. Bring your landlubbers and scallywags ages 5 - 11 for lifeguard-supervised food and fun with a pirate theme. The cost is $10 per child and pizza and snacks will be provided. Please register by asking the Lifeguards for a Kids Club form and completing it in advance so we will know how much pizza to purchase. Our next Kids Club will be Friday, June 28 with a Hawaiian theme.


This summer Steve Conn, our current president, will be enjoying a 3-month sabbatical from both work and volunteer activities. He will be out of the state from August through October. During his sabbatical, he has arranged for coverage at work and his other volunteer responsibilities, but is still looking for coverage at the club. He either needs a member to agree to cover his job as president or a member to cover one of the other board member jobs so they in turn can cover his job as president. The time to make this decision is now. We have plenty of time to arrange for on-the-job training if we can identify the coverage member this month. The member who takes on this responsibility will be given half off next year's dues. Please contact Steve if you are interested in exploring this coverage opportunity.


We have a long-standing tradition at the Club: when we have parties, we invite the lifeguards to eat on their break or we even bring them a plate while they are working. Please help us show the guards we appreciate them and keep this tradition alive.


Operating Hours can be viewed on our Club Calendar. The Club will be open Fridays 4 - 9 pm, Saturdays 1 - 9 pm and Sundays 1 - 8 pm through June 16. The Club will be open daily starting June 19.


Private lessons are available now for adults and children. Contact Head Lifeguard Grant Perry at the pool or at to make an appointment. Rates for half-hour lessons are $25 for members/$35 for nonmembers.


The first session of the Adult Stroke Clinic will be Tuesday, June 25, Thursday, June 27, off the week of July 4th, Tuesday, July 9 and Thursday, July 11. The cost is $15 per session (the price was listed incorrectly in the previous email).


Board feedback to member suggestions regarding the embezzlement is posted on the website. See "FAQs about Theft" and "Member Suggestions" links to the left.


Many members are enjoying our Adult Swim program. When taking advantage of Adult Swim, please be sure to keep the restrooms locked and never bring children or members who are not part of the program with you so that we can continue to offer this benefit to adult members.


The lane lines continue to be a problem. The lane line of the pool furthest from the slide is reserved for lap swimming. Please remind children and guests not to enter or exit the pool from this side and not to play in this area. On crowded days we cannot keep this lane dedicated to lap swimming and members will need to swim laps only during “Adult Swim” times during the last 15 minutes of each hour. Please remind your children and educate your guests to go under the lane line and to enter and exit from the side of the pool closest to the building.