About the Board Members

Jacques Rachal

<b>Jacques Rachal</b><br />We were introduced to MVSC through a longtime member, stayed for 6 hours and joined the following day. My wife and 2 daughters have made MVSC our "summer retreat" ever since! I look forward to serving the facility and all of you!

René Stilwell

<b>René Stilwell</b><br />Hello everyone! I’m René Stilwell and I’ll be joining the board as Secretary for the 2016 season. Our family joined Mission Valley Swim Club in 2014. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that we are part of such a great community at Mission Valley. After taking 2 years of swim lessons with the outstanding lifeguard team at MVSC, our daughter is excited to join the swim team. I encourage everyone to enjoy all that our club has to offer. MVSC has been our little family oasis and I hope it is for you too! Have a great summer!

Shubha Sinha

<b>Shubha Sinha</b><br>Hello everyone,I am Shubha Sinha. We moved to Fremont about 5 years ago and missed not having access to a swimming pool. We researched quite a bit ultimately to find a pool literally in our back yard. We joined the pool 2 years ago and have been absolutely thrilled with the decision. I like the cleanliness at the pool as well as the family atmosphere. My two boys absolutely love the pool. I served on the board last year as Grounds and Maintenance volunteer and will now be serving as treasurer. I consider it a great privilege to be serving the pool and its members

Grounds & Maintenance

<b>OPEN</b><br />The board will fill this position...

Sogoul Sayedirashti
Party Director

<b>Sogoul Sayedirashti</b><br />My name is Sogoul and I will be the Party Coordinator for the upcoming 2015 swim season.  I have lived in Fremont for 20 years and have been a member of the pool for the last 7 years.  I have 2 boys and we have enjoyed spending our summers at the pool.  Barbequing and catching up with friends are some of our favorite pastimes at the pool.  Besides being a mom, I love to help out my community.  I am currently a board member at Gomes PTA , MSJLL and help out at a food bank.  I am looking forward to the summer ahead

Jane Conn
Membership Director

<b>Jane Conn</b><br />
We first discovered the club when my oldest daughter joined the swim team back in 1996.  We joined the swim club several years later and our family has grown up at the club.  All three of my children have  been on the swim team  and Michael is currently a lifeguard at MVSC (both his sisters were also lifeguards). I am looking forward to meeting potential new members and showing them our beautiful facility

Ken Drachnik
Pool Chemistry Director

<b>Ken Drachnik</b><br /> 
Hi, I'm Ken Drachnik. I've been a member of the Club since 2001 and the Chemistry Director since 2007. In my real job I work for a software company in San Francisco, but I find time to stop by the club frequently to check on things and go for a short swim. My son Nick is a lifeguard this year and my daughter was a lifeguard for 4 seasons

Natalie Iqbal
Lifeguard Director
(aka Pool Manager)

<b>Natalie Iqbal</b><br />Welcome to the 2017 summer season!  My family joined MVSC in 2014 and my children swim for the Mission Valley Barracudas.  Our family loves spending evenings and weekends at the pool over the summer, especially those hot days when you want to cool off. We love the family atmosphere that the club has and enjoy the friendships that have been made. I think that the club has a great group of lifeguards again this season and I am excited for the fun months ahead. If you see me at the club, do not hesitate to stop and say hello

(Elected in Even years)

(Elected in Odd years)

Social Director

<b>OPEN</b><br />Position is open, contact  social@mvsc.us & president@mvsc.us if you are interested