Our Partners

Below you will find a list of providers of service to the club - well at least those we are happy about.

Cross Electrical - Doug and Kathy Cross are members of the club and provide all our electrical services - they have added electrical outlets, repaired most of our lighting and added high power, multi-phase power lines for the new pool pump.  Cross Electrical has been voted Reader's Choice Best Electrical Service in Fremont by the people for the past 3 years.  They are a family owned business serving residential and commercial customers across the entire Bay area.
510-659-1779 - www.crosselectrical.com

Four Seasons Pool Service is our commercial pool repair and supply service. They are a leading provider of commercial pool services for businesses in Fremont, Newark and San Jose.
510-793-5189 - www.thebestpoolman.com

Alliance Solar Services is our solar panel service company. They provide installation and maintenace of solar water heaters and photovoltaic power systems for the Bay area.

Tri City Roofing replaced our roof in early 2013.  They were great to work with.  They are a local company and do both commercial and residential work.  Contact their office for a free estimate.
510-797-3901  http://www.tri-cityroofing.com/

Chris’ Expert Tree Service trims the trees at MVSC. Chris provides tree trimming and removal services across Fremont, Newark and Union City. In addition Chris offers animal trapping and removal services (skunks, raccoons, bees, yellow jackets etc).

Jim Long is the owner of American Lawn Maintenance.  He has been taking care of our property for longer than any of us can remember.  Jim is our "eyes & ears" over the winter letting us know if anything goes wrong.  Jim does both commercial and residential work.  
510-651-4018  or amlawn@comcast.net